How it is possible to install SAPEKOR playground equipment?

We always deliver our products with detailed installation manual. Basically, there are two basic ways to set SAPEKOR playground equipment in concrete. The first is the classic pouring of concrete – here it is necessary to have well-prepared holes and the element seated in the perfect plane. The second variant is mounting on the so-called „On foot“. In this case, firstly prepare concrete block into which the game element is screwed. This variant is much more accurate because the focus of plane is made without the actual playground element and can be prepared in advance.

What is a lifespan of playground equipment?

We give a guarantee of 10 years on the stainless steel structure of our palyground elements. Lifespan of stainless steel is about 80 to 110 years. The minimum lifetime of HDPE plastics is about 10 years, depending on the location, weather and the environment.

How properly take care about a stainless steel playground?

For proper function it is essential to keep the playset from stainless steel clean. There's no need to treat or paint the stainless steel, which is a great cost savings over wooden playground elements. For cleaning is recommended to use hot water and soap or conventional materials for cleaning of stainless steel. You can know it, for example, from your kitchen. However, it should be avoided cleaners containing chlorine.

How often should be carried out checks and inspections of playgrounds?

Kindergartens with outdoor playground equipment and garden equipment – major inspection 1× per year Playgrounds, public playgrounds – major inspection at least 1 year Annual major (main) inspection must be performed by an authorized person Routine maintenance and inspection is recommended to perform regularly, at least 1 month Always follow the legislation in force in your country

Is it possible to replace damaged part of playground?

Yes, because all components are manufactured in our production hall in the Český Těšín,so we are able to immediately replace any damaged part with a new piece.

What is safety area and how to choose an ideal solution?

Every playset or playground equipment has a safety impact area around. It is a soft landing space you should have around your playset. You can choose a different impact absorbing surfaces based on the critical fall height (CFH) of each playset. We reccomend to use a rubber tiles, because of its properties. It is easy to maintain, easy to keep it clean and easy to change it. It is much better choice than standard gravel or sand.

How to choose the thickness of the rubber tiles?

It is always necessary to choose a thickness to meet the critical fall height of your playground element. So if you have an assembly where the fall height is 1.5m you must choose the appropriate thickness of the rubber tiles. In this particular case this will be 45 mm* (*SAPEKOR rubber tiles – thickness could be different from other manufacturers). Or you can contact our team and we will help you to choose the ideal thickness.

How to install a rubber tiles?

We give detailed installation instructions to each order and the installation itself is very simple. In the case of a square design tiles with thickness from 35 mm can be connected by plastic pins. We always recommend to install rubber tiles by the way for binding („the brick“). This step will prevent lifting the corners and unwanted shifts of rubber tiles. In the case of puzzle shape is installation even easier – only „snap“ into each individual part of the tile.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced sales representatives. We will help you with the right choice og playground eqipment, as well as rubber tiles.

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