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Eco-friendly and safe surfaces

Protecting children from falls and injuries while they are playing on playgrounds and sports fields is very important, therefore, great emphasis should be placed on the impact area during the construction of these areas. Our rubber tiles are currently one of the safest and least demanding solutions for maintenance. They absorb bumps and shocks in the event of a fall so that the maximum security for the protection of children from serious head injuries and danger is provided.

Rubber tiles we offer in two variants:

Both versions of rubber tiles (SBR and EPDM) have the same lower layer made from black recycled SBR granules and the difference lies in the top layer of the tiles. While the color availability of SBR comprises four variants (black, red, green, gray) and color is achieved by using colored PUR adhesive, EPDM version is available in a wide range of colors based on the RAL scale and the color is achieved by using fully colored EPDM granules. This variant is characterized by a longer service life and color stability.
Type SBR
(Styrene-Butadiene Rubber) – recycled black rubber granules.

SBR colors:

Barvy SBR:
(Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer rubber) is also called as a „virgin rubber“ are syntetically produced granules in different colors based on the RAL scale. Some of the EPDM shades are more sensitive to UV radiation and we recommend using UV stable adhesive.

EPDM colors:


You can find in our offer more products made of rubber granules. We offer to you a rubber tiles with a drive edge, safety rubber curbs, rubber curbs with a drive edge, rubber bricks (double T tiles) or rubber palisades.

Main advantages are:

  • cushioning
  • non-slip
  • flexible
  • preventing injuries
  • absorbing shocks and sounds
  • thermal insulation
  • ecological (environmentally friendly)


Another advantage of the rubber surface in the form of plates is their easy and quick installation. Rubber tiles in the square shape with a thickness from 3.5 cm are mounted with plastic mounting pins which interconnect the plates and preventing their movement. In order to ensure the compactness of the entire surface we recommend to install the rubber tiles in style „brick“ – it means installed with a shift of half tile. In addition, the plate can also be adhered to the subsurface by a special polyurethane adhesive which is in our range too – for plates with a thickness less than 3.5 cm is the only way to be mounted, because due to their low thickness do not have holes for the pins assembly.

Rubber tiles in shape of puzzle because of its distinctive shape does not require the use of mounting pins, just overlap each other. In addition, they can be glued to the subsurface and to each other too by using a special polyurethane adhesive.


Maintenance of rubber tiles is simple and minimal. If necessary, it is possible to sweep tiles or to rinse with a stream of water.


Rubber tiles are suitable for the use not only on children’s pla­ygrounds and sports facilities, but because of their special properties, they are also suitable for use as safety rubber surfaces on balconies, patios, around swimming pools, in fitness centers and in parks, in rehabilitation and recreational centres, in all areas of hotels, and on golf courses.

Very interesting is the use of rubber tiles for horses and all kinds of pets, or using in the shooting ranges as a paneled walls. Rubber tiles better absorb bullets and help absorb noise caused by gunfire.

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