Additional products from a rubber granules

In addition to standard rubber tiles in the shape of a square and in the shape of puzzle, we offer you also other products from rubber granules, which due to its versatility, are used in all the above sectors.

Rubber tiles and rubber curbs with beveled edge

Rubber tiles with a beveled-edge are the perfect solution if you lay the rubber tiles on the existing concrete or asphalt playground. They have a beveled edges and allow to enter to the playground even a people with a disabilities (for example wheelchair). This product is available with a dimension of 500 × 500 × 45 mm in variant SBR and SBR / EPDM. Optionally, we also offer rubber curbs (ramps) of size 750 × 250 × 45 mm with a bevel edge to 25 mm.

Rubber palisades

Rubber Palisades are a great option to border the safety surface or sandpits. Thanks to their properties, they are made of rubber granulate, as well as its aesthetically pleasing, are also used in parks, gardens and terraces. Rubber palisade is one element of size 1150 × 150 × 400 mm consisting of 9 individual parts which allows quick and easy installation. Palisades are available only in the variant SBR and in thre colors – black, red, green.

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