Rubber flooring for sports

Do you want make an adjustment of the old asphalt surface on the sports field, or install an entirely new multipurpose field, and are you considering what type of surface would be best?

By using our rubber tiles you can ensure quick and easy installation, plus the sports ground is almost completely maintenance free. Unlike a poured surface, a surface made of rubber tiles can be built in any weather. Rubber tiles are manufactured in standard conditions in a factory, where stable conditions ensure that the polyurethane adhesive reacts as it should. Due to this, there is no adverse reaction to outdoor climate changes where fluctuations in weather can cause poor adhesion of the glue to the granulate, and faster degradation of the surface in some of its parts.

The difference between the rubber tiles aside for playgrounds and rubber tiles for the sports field is simplified due to the fact that the tiles for the sports field are harder (more pressed) and on the bottom are profiling in the form of a grill only to a depth of 5 mm (Raster), which is for drainage. Rubber tiles for playgrounds have much deeper profiling, which is the depreciation of possible falls from a height.

We can also supply polyurethane varnish, which simply creates a lining, asneeded.

In addition to standard rubber tiles in the shape of a square and in the shape of puzzle, we offer you also other products from rubber granules, which due to its versatility, are used in all the above sectors … Additional products from a rubber granules

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