Rubber tiles for terraces, balconies, pools

Are you looking for a suitable surface around your pool, on the terrace, or balcony?

Surfaces made from rubber tiles are frost-resistant, maintenance-free, and their installation is very simple. Individual tiles or puzzle tiles can be laid directly onto existing tiles, pavings, or you can prepare new compacted subsoil, if the old base was no longer suitable for laying rubber boards.

Each tile has drainage channels on the bottom for easy drainage of water from the subsoil. You will be pleasantly surprised by this flexible surface that does not get too cold in winter and does not get too hot in the summer, like a classic concrete pavement does.

Do not hesitate to contact us for the right choice of appropriate type of rubber tiles.

In addition to standard rubber tiles in the shape of a square and in the shape of puzzle, we offer you also other products from rubber granules, which due to its versatility, are used in all the above sectors … Additional products from a rubber granules

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