Safety rubber tiles for children playgrounds

Safety rubber tiles for children playgrounds are one of the safest and least demanding solutions in terms of maintenance, which can be used in the new construction or reconstruction of the existing playground. All products in this category are tested by TÜV SÜD according to standards EN 1177 and are certified their parameters of critical fall height (CFH). Polyurethane surface in the form of rubber square tiles or in shape of puzzle primarily protects the child from serious injuries caused by a fall from all sorts of playground equipment.

Apart of a public playgrounds or for example schools and kindergartens, where the surface must meet legally regulated safety standards in accordance with standard EN 1177, more and more often the private people decide for this type of solution if they want to create their own playground. When choosing a safety rubber surface, it is necessary to have on mind that each play set has a specific parameter of critical fall height (CFH). According to this paramter should be selected rubber tiles of the appropriate thickness.

Rubber tiles depending on their thickness has a parameter of maximum critical fall height from which a safe surface should protect your child from head injuries in the case of a fall.

On special request of our customers we are able to produce rubber tiles with numbers or even with symbolic images in order to allow you to create a unique playground. Rubber plates with numbers from 1–9 are so-called „HOP SCOTCH GAME“ and are a great option that combines fun with learning through the development of motoric coordination and knowledge of digits.

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