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Rubber tiles used in gyms and health clubs have excellent acoustic insulation and absorb impacts. Another important advantage is that they are friendly to health because they reduce pressure on your joints and knees, which constantly are subjected to hard work during various physical activities.

Due to the fact that they are non-slip increases the grip while ensuring stability and control during exercise and in the event of a fall, soften its effects.

Due to its valuable properties rubber tiles can also be used on your outdoor objects such as outdoor gyms in the fresh air and place for street workout, which in recent times are becoming more and more popular.

Our products in this area are very popular mainly because of its properties, but also because of their aesthetic qualities. Our offer has been increased by SBR tiles with a addition of EPDM granules – MIX, so everyone can find something for themselves. With a wide range of colors you can create a unique place where everyone will carry out their passions with joy and energy.

In addition to standard rubber tiles in the shape of a square and in the shape of puzzle, we offer you also other products from rubber granules, which due to its versatility, are used in all the above sectors … Additional products from a rubber granules

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