Rubber tiles - ideal solution for stables

The good condition of horses always comes first for a breeder. Rubber tiles for horses are produced in such technology in order to provide the greatest possible comfort for your horse.

Thanks to its many properties are used in stables, equestrian centers, hotels and guest houses, as well as other objects for horses. Because they are flexible and have a good thermal insulation, rubber tiles for horses are an excellent solution to create a comfortable surface in the stalls where the horses spend a lot of time. Due to the non-slip properties are very useful as a surface in the hallways, on sidewalks or any other kind of surface for the horses.

Thanks to their a very simple installation and low maintenance, they are increasingly used by breeders. The main advantage is the amount you can save on bedding, as you will need much less. Rubber tiles protect your horses from dust and the possible development of mould.

In addition to standard rubber tiles in the shape of a square and in the shape of puzzle, we offer you also other products from rubber granules, which due to its versatility, are used in all the above sectors … Additional products from a rubber granules .

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