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Are you looking for high quality, durable, maintenance – free and above all safe playground equipment which meets European standards EN1176 and are certified by TÜV SÜD? We offer you an appropriate solution for public playgrounds, schools, kidergartens etc.

Stainless steel playground equipment that comes from our production facilities in Český Těšín (Czech Republic) are distinguished by their quality, durability, minimal maintenance, timeless design and very easy installation.

Catalog of children playground equipment for download: 

The playground is ideal place for active children's en­tertainment. Kids can develop their motor abilities, physical condition and last but not least their creativity.

Our playground equipment is an ideal choice not only for a public playgrounds, but even for gardens and private parks. You will appreciate mainly the quality, minimal maintenance and long life span of our playgrounds. You can find and choose different types of children playhouses with slides, swings, sandpits, cable assemblies, children climbing frames and also very popular spring swings with funny designs.


SAPrimo: Individual playground equipment of SAPrimo series, which is our first series of playground equipment are available in two basic colors that have been selected to attract children to play.

MINI: Product line MINI , are newly offered spring swings with theme of animals. In the production of spring rides MINI We chose the color combination so that the colors as closely as possible kept, while spring swings can fit into the overall concept of the play elements SAPEKOR. You can choose some of our domestic animals, eg., a cow or hen, but we offer and exotic animals too, so get even the King of animals for your kids.

2PLUS: Play elements for younger children presents series of products labeled as SAPEKOR 2PLUS , which are designed, as its name suggests, for children from 2 years of age – you can simply create an original playground for small children with our playground equipment. Play elements have a fall height up to 1 m, so as an impact area is sufficient a lawn.

CITY : Play elements of series City are a hot novelty in our offer. If you are looking for an original playground for children, a series CITY with original design and multipurpose usage are the right choice.


Stainless steel

The design of our playground elements is made of durable stainless steel, which is not painted with any color and can not be peeled of paint. The top layer of chromium through the supply of oxygen ensures that the surface remains unchanged. From stainless steel are also fasteners and threaded rods of ropes and nets.


Colour design of our playgrounds is made by using HDPE plates (high-density polyethylene), which are color stable and UV stable, does not absorb water and do not break layers.

Ropes and nets

We use high quality ropes with a diameter of 16 mm. Each rope consists of 6 twisted steel wires, wherein each strand is coated by polyester yarns, which is highly resistant to abrasion and is color stable.


Maintenance is very simple and entirely sufficient, when the surface of playground equipment kept free of dirt (dust) – we recommend the use hot water and soap for cleaning.


We gave exclusive warranty of 10 years on stainless steel construction, however the lifetime of stainless steel is about 80 – 100 years. All accessories has warranty of two years.


Our playground equipment are certified according to EN 1176–1: 2008 by the renowned TÜV SÜD.

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