Classic playhouses

Every small child yearns to be able to have their own little playhouse in which to play. With our playhouses, children have the feeling that they are like their parents, who also have a “house”, though a bit bigger. Children’s pla­yhouses are the basis of every playground for children around the world.

Children's pla­yhouses are basis of every playground for children around the world. Playhouses for children are one of the most popular play elements that can be placed on any garden, school, kindergarten, park, public playground etc. Every kid wants to have a place where they can hide and play.

Safety zone

Fall height

Properties and functions

Basic play sets with small playhouses, which the company SAPEKOR s.r.o. makes of stainless steel, are designed to meet strict criteria for safety, while meeting the expectations of children – the play set will attracts them thanks to its colour combination, creativity, and the possibilities for climbing between individual towers of playhouse, and also certainly thanks to its overall design.

You can find in our offer children's pla­yhouses for the smallest kids, but also for older children. Playhouses can stand alone or be the basis for a larger playgrounds. We hope that you choose the right one for you.

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