Nest Swing UNO 13041

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EAN: 8595655813041

  • zone
    22 m²
  • fall height
    1,3 m
  • agegroup
  • dimensions wxhxd
    3,03 x 2,43 x 1,74 m
  • minimum number of workers
  • estimated installation time
    2 h
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Swing nest is becoming increasingly popular. Get one of our swings nest – not only children but also adults can enjoy a lot of fun. Our nest (or basket) additionally handles to swing more children at once !

Construction of swings nest is made of durable stainless steel. The appearance of the play element is supplemented by high quality seat-type basket (or nest).

Nest Swing UNO 13041
1 x Construction - Stainless steel
2 x Bracket with suspension chain - Stainless steel
1 x Seat type Nest Ropes Polyester yarn
2 x Suspension chain - Stainless steel
Connecting materials - Stainless steel

This product can be seen here:

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  • Nest Swing UNO 13041 Collada DAE 3D model (.zip)
  • Nest Swing UNO 13041 FBX 3D model (.zip)

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