Parkour DUO 18084

EAN: 8595655818084

  • zone
    26.0 m²
  • fall height
    1.00 m
  • agegroup
  • dimensions wxhxd
    3,11 x 1,15 x 3,32 m
  • minimum number of workers
  • estimated installation time
    2.0 h
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Parkour DUO is popular playground equipment as it combines active play, coordination, balance and develops climbing skills. The solid base consists of 3 stainless steel columns, to which a climbing net and a log traverse with support rope are attached.

Stainless steel construction and polyester yarn ropes ensure long, durable life and require nearly no maintenance.

It is suitable for children playgrounds, kindergartens or elementary schools, outdoor gardens at restaurants, shopping centers, parks, etc.


  • climbing
  • balancing
  • improving physical fitness
  • development of skilfulness
  • improving balance
  • coordination of movements
  • development of fine motor skills

Certificate of conformity with the standart: EN 1176-1 
Recommended safety surface: rubber tiles, gravel, grass
Connecting materials - Stainless steel
3 x Supporting column Supporting column Stainless steel
1 x Log traverse Rope Polyester yarn
Footrestes Plastic
1 x Climbing net Rope Polyester yarn
1 x Holding rope Rope Polyester yarn

This product can be seen here:

CZ / Třinec - Karpetná , More

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  • Parkour DUO 18084 Collada DAE 3D model (.zip)
  • Parkour DUO 18084 FBX 3D model (.zip)

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